Mercury, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

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Trades are secured by the blockchain instead of some exchange's servers.


Trade altcoins for free (plus the tiny network transaction fee).


Use an interface just like the old exchanges, but in a convenient desktop wallet.


No signup or account verification necessary, just download Mercury and start trading.

How it works

Trades happen entirely on the blockchain, with no risk of the exchange getting hacked or greedy exchange operators running off with your money. Your private keys are only stored on your computer.

When making trades, your wallet will use the Mercury Order Book service to find bid or ask offers opened by other traders. This service is centralized, but it is never involved in the actual transfer of funds so it doesn't require any trust.

Atomic Swap Protocol

Mercury uses the cross-chain atomic swap protocol to facilitate fully trustless peer-to-peer trading, no trusted third party required.

The traders create deposit transactions, spending the coins they will be trading away.

The deposits can only be redeemed if the secret number X is provided, along with a signature from the person it is paying to. Only Bob knows what X is.

Bob claims his payout, which sends the coins in Alice's deposit to his wallet. By doing this, he publicly reveals X.

Now that X was revealed by Bob, Alice can claim her payout.

If during the process one of the parties disappears, the funds can be recovered using the presigned refund transaction.

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